Black History Month 2022

Happy Black History Month!

It's a celebration year-round for us. This month we continue to amplify and honor those from the past and present. Here is a short list of books and videos we have shared with our little ones. 



A great start to the month both our 3 year old and 7 year old can enjoy. 




One of our favorite books full of positive affirmations for boys! 




 We always end up having a dance party after reading about how The Supremes' got their start. 









 This Brain Pop on Bass Reeves is a great video to watch after reading the book. 






I am Brown is a wonderful book full of positive  affirmations for you little ones. 




Sprouting Wings about James 

Herman Banning another favorite. 





So many inventions come from great  Black Creators! This book highlights  amazing inventions we use daily. 




Looking for a video on civil rights? This Brain Pop is well done!