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The Holiday Season has always been a special time for us.  As children, we remember our parents spending countless time ensuring that we felt joy and happiness around all of our special moments. At Christmas this meant wrapping presents and creatively hiding them or working into the wee hours of the night putting together bikes and doll houses.    

Now as parents, we find great joy in making Christmas special for our son in the same way our parents did for us.  Each year we hope to wrap his presents in special wrapping paper, perhaps with images of a Brown Santa Claus or brown elves like the ones we dreamed of as children. 

However, each year we struggle with the lack of diverse wrapping paper and holiday items. As a final resort, we end up not buying the paper adorned with Jolly St. Nick or coloring Santa’s face with paint or markers so he resembles us.

We decided in 2016, we would create what we wanted to see. We want our friends and other families to have their very own Santa on wrapping paper, ornaments and more every Holiday Season. 

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