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🎉 BIG NEWS! Clarence Claus is on 🎯

I am excited to share that Clarence Claus and our Celebration Crew are now available on When I launched Greentop Gifts in 2016 the idea of families using our products as part of their holiday celebrations brought me so much joy. 
I appreciate your continued support of our business! Your purchasing, sharing, and gifting of Clarence Claus has blown us away. So many of you have asked when we would go into retail stores and now the moment has arrived thanks to your support and encouragement. 
You can shop these exclusive items on or from your Target app! 
How can you support Greentop Gifts on 
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Thank you so much for helping us spread JOY, 
Jacquelyn Rodgers
Founder & CEO

Nordstrom Black Business Month Pop Up x Greentop Gifts

Nordstrom is spotlighting Black-owned and founded brands currently available at Nordstrom as well as some of their favorite local businesses in the community!
Join us at Nordstrom Perimeter Mall for a three-day popup shop on August 26-28 from 12 pm to 5 pm each day. We can't wait to see you there.  

Participating Vendors 12pm-5pm (Times and dates vary per vendor)

Greentop Gifts – Stationary (kids gift bags/wrapping paper)

Slutty Vegan – Vegetarian Food Truck  

Amir James – Men’s, Women’s, and Kids Apparel

Kua Designs – Jewelry, handbags, and clothing

Noite Rose – Luxury sleep and loungewear

Always covered – Shower caps, satin-lined caps, and more

Louise Lorraine Fine Frames – Luxury eyewear

International Women's Month

For International Women's Day, we are thrilled to highlight extraordinary women who are making an impact in their communities each day. 

Here's to inspiring girl leaders of the future and women leading the way. Celebrating women all year round and this month too!  


Chelsea Charity

Chelsea's Charity officially kicked off when Chelsea asked her guests at her 10th birthday party to bring art supplies as a donation in lieu of gifts for herself.  Chelsea has a desire to support children and help them know that art is a start to healing, expression, communicating and so much more! She was recently named 2021 Young Wonder at the 15th Annual CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute.


Clean Mundi

A girl born and raised in Durham, NC, a Wife, and a Mom of three, she started her journey because the year 2020 gave her an old bag of nasty sour lemons and we all know how that saying goes. With the belief, everyone should have access and knowledge in how to “live clean” and most importantly, the choice to do so. "My goal in all of this is to help at least one person achieve that. The more people I can help, the healthier we can be, the healthier our kids can be, the healthier our planet can be." Her “clean” journey started in 2015 when her newborn son had really dry skin. After trying different products and countless doctors appointments with prescriptions to heavily medicated creams, she did some research on natural products. With lots of trial and error for the first few years, she continued to create products in her kitchen. She created a product that really worked for her son and that soon turned into Clean Mundi.


Dj Annie Red

"From the age of 6, Samirah Horton, also known as DJ Annie Red, was picked on by her peers for the things that made her different—her raspier voice, her unique sense of style, and her unwavering confidence in herself. Rather than giving up, Horton decided to pick up a mic and make sure other children knew they weren’t alone. “I didn’t want other kids to go through that experience,” says Horton, “especially at a very young age.” Now, alongside attending eighth-grade classes, playing basketball with friends, and growing a large Lego collection, she’s also building an antibullying platform to reach students across the country."

Espada, Mariah “Kid of the Year Finalist Samirah Horton, 13, Puts Her Anti-Bullying Message to Music” Time, Feb 2022.


Kido Chicago

A Chicago mom noticed something was missing from the market soon after her son was born. Keewa Nurullah is the founder and owner of KIDO, a children's clothing company." I started Kido after having my son and realizing that the clothing choices for boys were pretty slim," said Nurullah. "I wanted to create clothing that was inspirational and reflected his culture and spirit." Nurulla started KIDO online and eventually opened a storefront in the South Loop in 2018. During the pandemic, the company shifted to offering more toys, games, and puzzles. "I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur, and my great-grandfather had a tailor shop on Black Wall Street in Tulsa," said Nurulla. "Entrepreneurship is my family legacy and very important to me in strengthening our city and the Black community."