5 Fun Advent Calendars for Kids

Christmas Advent Calendar

Get the little ones even more excited about Christmas with an Advent Calendar! We scored big for under $15 at our local party store to find the above trinkets for our children’s Christmas countdown. You can take it a step further and amp up the fun by making your own Advent Calendar with family this year as well! Below we’ve listed our favorite store-bought and DIY advent calendars: 

  1. Pop-Out Advent Calendar by Petit Collage

Made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks, this advent calendar features a vibrant holiday scene with 24 pop-out characters filled with holiday cheer. 

  1. Woodland Advent Calendar by L.L. Bean

Tuck your thoughtful gifts and treats into the adorable miniature drawers of this wooden advent calendar! This one may be a childhood favorite for years to come.

  1. Christmas Countdown Calendar by Crayola

Have an aspiring artist on your hands? Each day of this advent calendar corresponds with a fun holiday activity that your little ones can do as they wait for Clarence Claus’ arrival. The best part is that you can keep all the art supplies it comes with to continue making arts and crafts well after the holidays!

  1. Mini Stocking Garland by Emily Henderson

This mini stocking garland will be perfect for recreating this holiday season! It’s an excellent way to deck the halls in your children’s room while also getting them excited as they collect toys or candy from the knit stockings strung together. Another fantastic place for this garland could be the living room mantle! 

  1. Paper Bag Advent Calendar by Tell Love and Party

We adore the colorful bags used in this DIY advent calendar design. With flexibility over how big or small you want your paper bags to be, the number of treats and their size spawns endless possibilities.